Het AllergieProfiel

In 2019 I graduated from Communication & Multimedia Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. For my graduation project I designed ‘Het AllergieProfiel’. Studio September was my client during my graduation project.

UX Design · UI Design • Concept

Person with a food allergy

In an app the user can indicate which food allergies he has. The user can then find a restaurant that is affiliated with Het AllergieProfiel. In addition, the user can view the menu of a restaurant and see per dish which allergens are dangerous to him.


To be shown in the app, the restaurant must join Het AllergieProfiel. The restaurant can then specify the allergens for the dishes on the menu.

I started the project by doing research. For this I did interviews with the target group, distributed a survey and I mapped similar solutions to the problem.

After that i’ve made The UX and UI for ‘Het AllergieProfiel’. I also tested ‘Het AllergieProfiel’ by making a prototype in Invision (Studio). I documented everything in a design document (dutch)


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